How do I make changes to my course schedule?

  1. Students who have no timetable at all or are missing courses in first semester can come to the counseling office on Tuesday afternoon.
  2. Students who would like to make changes to their first semester schedule will be called down to the counseling office starting Wednesday morning. Grade 12 will be called first, then 11s etc.  We would like to have all first semester course changes completed by the end of the day on Thursday.
  3. Students who would like course changes for Semester 2 can see Ms Hanbury or Ms Smart during lunch hour and breaks for the first few weeks of Semester 1.
  4. Thank you for your cooperation!
How do I register for school in the fall?
Complete the registration form, along with supporting documentation to our school office, then make an appointment with our Principal, Vice Principal, or school counselors to discuss learning opportunities at WSS.What kind of teams, clubs, and other special groups are there at
Whistler Secondary Community School?

We offer a variety of extracurricular activities at WSS. The activities change each year so stay tuned via school announcements.
What scheduling system does Whistler Secondary Community School run on?
WSS currently operates on a semester system. Teachers assess students on an ongoing basis. Final assessments and Provincial Assessments and Exam occur at the end of January and June. Please see our local school calendar and bell schedule for more information.
Where can students go to get guidance? (in either their studies or their personal life)
Our school counselors and our administration are available upon request to talk about course selection or about personal issues. They can also connect you to local community services.
How do I attend WSS and still be a high performance athlete / artist / actor?  I am frequently away for training, auditions, races or competitions. I can’t attend school all the time. What arrangements can I make for program planning?
Many of our  athletes / artists / actors attend regular class sessions and are given alternate deadlines by classroom teachers depending on their training / performing schedule. Students may also consider.
How can I find out about scholarship opportunities within this school, this province, and this country?
Whistler has a wide array of scholarship opportunities available to its graduates. Scholarship opportunities vary from athletic to academic to artistic. A full account is published every year, early in the new year and is available through the library or counselling area. There is a scholarship booklet tab on this site.
Where can students get information about post secondary education? (ie. university calendars, application forms, etc.)
These are available in the counselling area.If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the school at 604-905-2581.