1. Have parent contact school.  1. Go to office
 2. Get all missing work upon return  2. Call parents to confirm that you may leave and have them speak to office personnel.
   3. Sign out on the sheet at the office
 1. Sign in at office  1. Parent and student should contact the classroom teacher directly to make arrangements for work completion.
 2. Go straight to class.  


Extended Absenteeism: Prior Arrangement Form

Students that will be away due to pre-arranged appointments etc. must make arrangements in advance with individual classroom teachers. To provide students with the best opportunities for success, family trips and extended absences should be planned outside of the school calendar. Teachers should not be expected to provide work packages for extended absences for non-medical absences. Students who miss class without parental permission will be notified by email, by the school office, and when these absences are impacting student learning, teachers may also be contacting families directly.


Students are expected to be on time for all classes.  Students must sign in at the main office if they arrive late to school. Parents will be notified by classroom teachers if students are frequently arriving to class late. Late arrival disrupts student learning.