Educational Websites

Please find the following educational websites to support your learning. If you feel there is a website that would benefit our students, please submit the URL to the school administration for consideration. This page will continue to be updated as more sites become available

New BC Curriculum

Math, Science, and Information Technology Sites

Khan Academy: Click Here 

Discovery Math: Click Here 

Pre-Calculus 10 and 11 Graham Johnson: Click Here

LearnNow BC Math: Click Here

Cool Math 4 Kids: Click Here 

IXL – Math: Click Here

BC Math – The Homework Depot: Click Here

PHET Simulations for Science: Click Here

The Physics Classroom: Click Here

BC Science World: Click Here

Carol Saundry: Click Here

Reading & Writing

Crysalids (Gr. 10 English): Click Here

Animal Farm (Gr. 10 English): Click Here

Lord of the Flies (Gr.11 English): Click Here

King Lear (Gr. 12 English): Click Here

Creating Blogs: Click Here

Creative Writing Online: Click Here

Read, Write, Think: Click Here

Wiki Spaces: Click Here 

Media Smarts BC English Language Arts 8-10: Click Here

Squamish Library: Click Here

Tumblebooks: Click Here

Worldbook Online: Click Here

Worldbook Online Discover: Click Here

Worldbook Online Decouverte: Click Here

Vancouver Public Library: Click Here

Vancouver Public Library Teens: Click Here

Vancouver Public Library Kids: Click Here

Surrey Public Library Kids: Click Here

Surrey Public Library Teens: Click Here

Red Cedar Award: Click Here

Chocolate Lily Awards: Click Here

Association For Library Service For Children New Berry Medal: Click Here

Association For Library Service For Children Caldecott Medal: Click Here

Kids Books: Click Here

Mary Glasgow plus (French): Click Here

Bonjour De France: Click Here


BrainPOP (French): Click Here

TV5: Click Here

Verb2verbe: Click Here

Project-Based Learning

BIE: Click Here


Quiz Me BC: Click Here

BC Exam Bank: Click Here

Mathopolis Quiz: Click Here

Interactive Science Quizzes: Click Here

Go To Quiz: Click Here

Social Studies 11 Exam Review: Click Here


LearnNow BC: Click Here

LearnNow BC Study Center: Click Here