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Greetings All,

District Parent Advisory Councils represent the collective views of Parent Advisory Councils.

Our role is to support and encourage PACs and parents in accessing the school system by providing regular meetings for the exchange of ideas and information to ensure that our schools serve the best interests of all our kids.

SD48 DPAC has scheduled three meetings for the school year. At our SD 48 meetings you will have opportunity for dialogue with other PAC reps, our Superintendent Lisa McCullough, Ian Kent and the school trustees as well as the SSTA president April Lowe (2017/18). DPAC reps share what is working well at their schools and are given the opportunity to ask for advice if something needs tweaking.

DPAC also has some funding to provide for Parent Education.  We have started a trend in hosting larger scale events alternating between our three communities.  If any of you are interested in coordinating this spending, your time would be much appreciated.

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